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Welcome to ATRANS Symposium

2015 Webpage

Firstly, I am pleased to announce that ATRANS has uploaded the documents of the 8th ATRANS Symposium including Proceedings, PPT presentations of the invited speakers and student presenters which can be DOWNLOADED COMBINE HERE (270MB ZIP/FILE) or see the program below.

Secondly, the 8th ATRANS Symposium DOWNLOADABLE PHOTO GALLERY is now available. I suggest you to visit this page and you will see various remembrance moments that shall not miss!

Finally, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all participants including speakers, delegates and ATRANS members as well as students from Hong Kong, Japan, Nepal, The Netherlands, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand for their collaboration and contribution given who had made ATRANS Symposium possible and a real success.

I very much look forward to your kind continual support giving to ATRANS in coming future.

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8th ATRANS Symposium "Transportation for A Better Life"


"Transportation for A Better Life: Infrastructure Development and Management Aspects"

23-24 August 2013, Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok

 Download combine file   270MB ZIP/FILE 

 Download by session below    


Downloadable 8th ATRANS Symposium Reading Materials

Symposium Program


<Session 1>:

Harnessing Finance for Safety and Equity in AEC

Moderator: Asst. Prof.Dr. Pongrid Klungboonkrong, ATRANS Board,

KhonKaen University (KKU)


<Session 2A>:

“Traffic Safety”

Moderator: Dr. Witaya Chadbunchachai, WHO Representative



Speaker 1:Harnessing Finance for Safer Roads(Click to download)



By Mr. Michael Woodford Executive Chairman of Safer Road Foundation, U.K.


Speaker 1: Vaccinate for Roads: How Safer Road Infrastructure can help make the UN Sustainable Development Goal a Success (Click to download)


By Mr. Greg Smith, Regional Director of International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), Australia


Speaker 2: "Green Safety": Suggesting the Driver Behavior / Attribute Strongly Related to Accident - Lesson Learnt from Japan(Click to download)

By Mr. Tomiji Sugimoto, Deputy Director, Honda Motor, Japan


Speaker 2:  Harnessing Finance for Safety and Equity in AEC (Click to download)



By Dr. Robert Klein, Asian Development Bank (ADB) 


Speaker 3: Traffic Safety Strategies for Vietnam(Click to download)



By Dr. Khuat Viet Hung, Executive Vice Chairman of National Traffic Safety Committee, Vietnam


Speaker 3:  Time for A Safe Road System Action in Thailand(Click to download)



By Prof. Dr. Pichai Taneerananon, ATRANS Board, Prince of Songkla University (PSU) 


Speaker 4: Harnessing Finance for Safety and Equity in Thailand and AEC in WHO Point of View(Click to download)


By Dr. Witaya Chadbanchachai, ATRANS Board and WHO Expert Advisory Panel for Injury Prevention & Control


Speaker 4:ATRANS Research Project on Safety Map Applica for Community

(Click to download)


By Dr. Saroch Boonsiripant, ATRANS Committee, Kasetsart University




<Session 3A>:

Rail System and Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Moderator: Asst. Prof. Dr.  SitthaJaensirisak,

ATRANS Committee, UBU

<Session 3B>:

Logistics and Disaster Management

Moderator: Mr. OravitHemachudha, ATRANS Board, Navamindradhiraj University, Bangkok

Speaker1:Introduction of High Speed Rail: Gauge and Operation of HSR

(Click to download)


By Mr. Tetsuhisa Kobayashi, Railway System Specialist, TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co.,Ltd., Thailand

Speaker1: Logistic and Disaster Management in Thailand

(Click to download)


By Dr. Bhichit Rattakul, President of Navamindhradhiraj University and Former Bangkok Governor

Speaker2:Rail System and Area Development along the Train Stations: A Case of Hikarie Project (Click to download)


By Mr. Shuichi Ueno, Manager, Tokyu Construction, Japan

Speaker2: Transportation and Disaster Management (Click to download)



By Prof. Dr. Anthony Chen, Head of Transportation Division, Utah State University

Speaker3: Government Policy on  Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and Housing Development along Rail Station (Click to download)


By Mr. Thanongsak Wikul, Former Deputy Governor of National Housing Authority, Thailand

Speaker3: Logistic in Disaster Medicine(Click to download)


By Dr. Pumin Silapun, Deputy Secretary-General of National Institute for Emergency Medicine, Thailand

Speaker4: TOD and Opportunity and Potentiality of Real Estate Development in Private Sector Point of View  (Click to download)


By Mr.Pornarit Chuanchaiyasit, Chairman of The Thai Real Estate Association

Speaker4: Disaster Preparedness and Management for AEC

(Click to download)


By Dr. Peeranan Towashiraporn, Director of Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)



Symposium Program


<Session 3C>:

Transportation-related, Energy & Environment

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Atsushi Fukuda, ATRANS Honorable Advisor, Nihon U, Japan


<Session 3D>:

 Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sorawit Narupiti, ATRANS Committee, Chulalongkorn U.

Speaker1:Future Transport and Land Use Vision and Global Low Carbon Society for Bangkok(Click to download)


By Prof. Dr. Yoshitsugu Hayashi, WCTRS President, Nagoya University, Japan

Speaker1:V2V Technology for Road Safety



By Dr. Hideaki Nanba, Denso, Japan

Speaker2: Sustainable Mobility and Design Livable Streets as Pedestrianization for a Better Life of Community in Istanbul, Turkey

(Click to download)


By Mr.Gokhan Yilmaz, Head of Housing and Urban Development Dept. & Mr. Abdul BasidDogru, Specialist of Urban and Transport Planner, Itanbul Municipality, Turkey

Speaker2:Tracking People’s movements for ITS applications

(Click to download)


By Assoc. Prof. Dr. Masahiko Nagai

Center for Spatial Information Science, University of Tokyo, Japan

Speaker3: Tuning for Sustainable Urban Transport Development Utilizing Real Time Traffic Monitoring and Information System: A Case Study of Hanoi(Click to download)


By Dr.VuAnh Tuan, Director of Vietnamese-German Transport Research Center, Vietnam

Speaker3: ITS for Public Transportation System in Bangkok(Click to download)




By Dr. Padet Praditphet, Acting Director of Office of Common Ticketing Administration Project, OTP, MOT

Speaker4: National Policy and Planning for Implementation of Transport-related Environment Project in Thailand(Click to download)


By Ms. Chutinthorn Mankhong, Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning OTP, MOT

Speaker4: ITS Technology for Improvement of Taxi Service: A Practical Case of All Thai Taxi(Click to download)



By Assoc. Prof. Dr. Agachai Sumalee, Director of Smart City Research Centre, Faculty of Engineering, KMITL










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