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ATRANS Symposium Activity

ATRANS organizes symposium yearly as part of ATRANS supportive academic activities. In April 2009, ATRANS has launched an attached program of the symposium so called “ATRANS Student Chapter Session.”

The ATRANS Student Chapter has its objectives to provide students an opportunity to meet one another to exchange ideas, opinions and information among themselves and learn to practice an academic activity through organizing “Student Chapter Session (an attached program to ATRANS Symposium).” This activity would allow students a rare opportunity to learn from a preparation of the event, review academic papers until evaluation and publish the proceedings to the event day in close supervision of ATRANS advisory members.

In addition, this activity also allows students to develop networking with other students from other universities in multidisciplinary fields. Most importantly, the students can gain valuable experiences and socialization which are the key for capacity building and human resource development. The student chapter activity is totally a volunteer basis.

Students who wish to be a member of ATRANS Student Chapter can apply by submitting their curriculum vitae (CV) along with the transcript to ATRANS secretariat office. Bachelor student, master student and doctoral student are eligible to apply for an ATRANS Student Chapter member. ATRANS can accept a bachelor student application. However, an application of master or doctoral student is preferred.


Invitation to Participate in 2012 The 5TH ATRANS SYMPOSIUM

“Transportation For A Better Life: Preparing For ASEAN Integration"