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Welcome to ATRANS Symposium

2012 Webpage

Firstly, I am pleased to announce that ATRANS has uploaded the documents of the 5th ATRANS Symposium including Proceedings, PPT presentations of the invited speakers and student presenters which can be DOWNLOADED COMBINE HERE (390MB ZIP/FILE) or see the program below.

Secondly, the 5th ATRANS Symposium DOWNLOADABLE PHOTO GALLERY is now available. I suggest you to visit this page and you will see various remembrance moments that shall not miss!

Finally, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all participants including speakers, delegates and ATRANS members as well as students from Hong Kong, Japan, Nepal, The Netherlands, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand for their collaboration and contribution given who had made ATRANS Symposium possible and a real success.

I very much look forward to your kind continual support giving to ATRANS in coming future.

Essay and Competition Student Chapter Session 2012


5th ATRANS Symposium on Transportation for A Better Life: Preparing for ASEAN Integration

"Transportation for Better Life : Preparing for ASEAN Integration"

24 August 2012, Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok

 Download combine file   390MB ZIP/FILE 

 Download by session below or open in new windows here   


<Session 1>    Panel discussion on Transportation for a Better Life: Preparing for ASEAN Integration               

                         Moderates by Cpt. Dr. Samai Jai-in


Governmental Policy on Preparing Transportation for ASEAN Integration


By Mr. Silpachai Jarukasemratana, Permanent Secretary of MOT




Download PPT slides


Transportation Development Orientation of Vietnam to 2020 with a Vision Toward 2030


By Dr. Ly Huy Tuan, Director of TDSI-MOT, Vietnam





Download PPT slides

ASEAN - Japan Transport Partnership Toward AEC Point of View


By Prof. Atsushi Fukuda, Chairman of Department, Nihon U., Japan




Download PPT slides

European Community (EC) and ASEAN Integration: What should we learn to prepare for such challenges in Transportation?


Prof. Dr. Harry Geerlings, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands





Download PPT slides

<Session 2A> Plenary Session of ATRANS Research Projects

                         Moderated by Dr.Rungsun Udomsri, ATRANS


Development of Automatic Expressway Incident Detection System


By Asst. Prof. Dr. Sittha Jaensirisak, Ubon Ratchathani University




Download PPT slides

How Climate Change would Impact Transport System of Thailand: Adaptation that Thai Engineers and Planners should be aware of


By Asst. Prof. Dr. Varameth Vichiensan, KU and Dr. Thirayoot Limanond, AIT





Download PPT slides

Marginal Cost of Road Transport: Conceptual Framework and Implication for Thailand


By Dr. Sumet Ongkittikul, TDRI





Download PPT slides

A Development of Emission and Fuel Consumption Models of Motorcycle for a Traffic Simulation


By Asst. Prof. Dr. Thaned Sathiennam, KKU





Download PPT slides




<Session 3A>    Logistics and Disaster Management

                            Moderates by Cpt. Dr. Samai Jai-in


Development of an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Testbed for Real-time Navigation and Cross-boundary Container Logistics Management


By Prof. Dr. William Lam, HK Polytechnic Univ.





Download PPT slides


Applying Micro simulation to Evacuation planning


By Mr. Yoshihiko Hashino, Japan




Download PPT slides

Satellite based Emergency Mapping for Flood in Thailand    


By Dr. Masahiko Nagai, JAXA, AIT




Download PPT slides

<Session 3B> Road Safety

                         Moderated by Prof. Dr. Pichai Taneerananon, PSU


Road Traffic Safety in Thailand


By Prof. Dr. Pichai Taneerananon, PSU




Download PPT slides

ASEAN Integration and  Road Safety in GRSP Point of View


By  Mr. Ryan Duly,  Road Safety Advocacy Coordinator, GRSP




Download PPT slides

Evaluation of Traffic Safety Projects Performance


By Mr. Duy Khanh Nguyen, Victoria Univ. of Wellington,  Vietnam




Download PPT slides

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)  for Road Safety


By Dr. Passakorn Pratombutr, NECTEC, MOST




Download PPT slides



<Session 3C> Transportation & Environment    

                           Moderated by  Dr. Kunchit Phiunual, ATRANS Board Member


"Review of Transportation's Roles and Policy to Reduce GHG"  in Thailand


By Dr. Kunchit Phiu-nual, ATRANS Board Member




Download PPT slides


Environmentally Friendly Design for Transportation Infrastructure in Bangkok Metropolitan


By Mr. Oravit Hemachudha, Deputy Director-General, BMA





Download PPT slides

Development of Future Vision and Roadmap to Realize Low Carbon Transport


By Prof. Dr. Atsushi Fukuda, Nihon University, Japan





Download PPT slides

Pedestrianization of the Heritage Site in Iloilo City


By Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexis Fillone, De La Salle U., Philippines




Download PPT slides



<Session 4>  Rail System and Transit Oriented Development                          

                        Moderated by Prof. Dr. Wiroj Rujopakarn,  KU     


Are Thai people ready for High Speed Rail and ASEAN Integration?


By Dr. Suwat Wanisubut, ATRANS Board Member




Download PPT slides

Japan’s Cooperation on Railway Sector and  current Activities in Vietnam


By Dr. Akira Hosomi, JARTS, Vietnam




Download PPT slides

Redevelopment of Shibuya Hikarie Project at Shibuya Station: Towards Ideal Town Re-Development


By Mr. Shuichi Ueno, General Manager, Tokyu Construction, Japan




Download PPT slides

Mass Rapid Transit in Thailand: A Case of MRTA


By Assoc. Prof. Dr. Agachai Sumalee, HK Polytechnic Univ.




Download PPT slides

<Session 5> Special Session of Flooding Management                 



Flooding situation and its Management  in Thailand


By Dr. Royol Chitradon, Director of Hydro & Agro Informatics Institute




Download PPT slides