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and was established to provide research grants to its members to conduct researches on transportation, traffic safety, issues related to transportation problems, energy and environment.

Since 2007 up until present, ATRANS has granted 17 research projects. The summary report of ATRANS research projects can be downloadable via its website.


14th ATRANS Annual Conference

14th ATRANS Annual Conference is opening registration.

Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS), a non - profitable research society organizes the 14th ATRANS Annual Conference on 17 – 18 December 2021 by ZOOM and Facebook Live. This year we decided to hold “ATRANS Young Researcher’s Forum (AYRF) 2021 as a special session in attachment of 14th ATRANS Annual Conference.

In other detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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ATRANS Portfolio Section

ATRANS Hiyari Map

ATRANS Hiyari Map is created with hoping to let student and general person pin the risk or dangerous spots on the map for study and solve these spot with our solutions idea for reduce road accident.

In other detail: Risk spot is the spot that people has never died before but there might has an accident in future. And Dangerous spot is the spot that people has ever been accident and people died by the way.

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ATRANS Media has just create by under Asst. Prof. Dr. Varameth Vichiensan's project in 2021. Then Asian Transportation Research Society begins to create our social media for Road Safety Study for the first time.

Now we have 4 channels for our activities via below buttons:

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