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  14. Jan 2022
  1. What activities on January 2021?

    Friday 1st

    > New Year Day

    Friday 15th

    > Deadline of Proposal Submission FY 2021 (non-meeting event)

    Friday 29th

    > ATRANS Public Forum

  2. What activities on February 2021?

    Tuesday 9th

    > Makha Bucha Day

    Wednesday 9th

    > Substitution Day for Makha Bucha Day

    Friday 26th

    > 23rd P&C Meeting

    > Research Committee Meeting Presentation of Accepted Proposals FY2021

    > Release ATRANS Research Vol.11

  3. What activities on March 2021?

    Tuesday 9th

    > Safe Route to School: Wat Pai Ton School Pre-survey

    Tuesday 16th

    > Safe Route to School: Wat Pai Ton School - Stakeholders Meeting

    Friday 19th

    > Safe Route to School: Wat Pai Ton School - Preliminary Meeting

    Wednesday 24th

    > Safe Route to School: Wat Pai Ton School - Preliminary Meeting of Stakeholders from Suphanburi

    Friday 26th

    > 27th Board Meeting

    > Board Approval on New Candidates

    > Research Grant Ceremony FY2021

    > Annual Meeting (PM)

    > Final Report Submission FY2020

  4. What activities on April 2021?

    Thursday 1st

    > First Day of Granted Project Operation FY2021

    Tuesday 6th

    > Chakri Memorial Day

    Tuesday 13th - Thursday 15th

    > Songkran Festival Days

    Friday 30th

    > Inception Report Submission

  5. What activities on May 2021?

    Saturday 1st

    > National Labour Day

    Monday 3rd

    > Substitution Day for National Labour Day

    Thursday 6th

    > Wisakha Bucha Day

    Thursday 13th

    > Royal Ploughing Ceremony

    Friday 21st

    > Annual Conference Meeting

  6. What activities on June 2021?

    Friday 25th

    > Progress Report Presentation FY2021 (AM)

    > 33rd Regular Meeting (PM)

    Wednesday 30th

    > Submission of ATRANS Journal Paper FY2020 (non meeting event)

  7. What activities on July 2021?

    Friday 23rd

    > Annual Conference Meeting

    Saturday 24th

    > Asarnha Bucha Day

    Sunday 25th

    > Buddhist Lent Day

    Monday 26th

    > Substitution Day for Buddhist Lent Day

    Wednesday 28th

    > H.M. the King Rama 10's Birthday

  8. What activities on August 2021?

    Thursday 12th

    > H.M. the Queen's Birthday

    Friday 20th

    > 14th Annual Conference Meeting (Symposium) (no prj. session)

  9. What activities on September 2021?

    Friday 24th

    > Interim Report Presentation (AM)

    > 34th Regular Meeting (PM)

    Thursday 30th

    > Interim Report Submission (non meeting event)

  10. What activities on October 2021?

    Wednesday 13th

    > H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great Memorial Day

    Saturday 23rd

    > Chulalongkorn Memorial Day

  11. What activities on November 2021?

    Friday 5th

    > 22nd P&C Meeting

    Monday 15th

    > Release Call for Research Proposal FY2022

  12. What activities on December 2021?

    Sunday 5th

    > H.M. the King Rama 9's Birthday

    Monday 6th

    > Substitutional Day for H.M. the King Rama 9's Birthday

    Friday 10th

    > Constitution Day

    Friday 17th

    > 28th Board Meeting (AM)

    > Final Presentation (PM)

    > Year End Party (Evening)

    Saturday 25th

    > Christmas Day

    Friday 31st

    > New Year's Eve

  13. What activities on January 2022?