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Editorial Activities

Message from our New Chairperson

Despite ATRANS is reaching 3 years of officially establishment, it begins entering the threshold of 4th year from its first initiative. Time passes by so fast. ATRANS is becoming a tracking “Hub” for researchers and policy practitioners in Thailand and other Asian countries to gather together for networking and exchanging information and knowledge upon transportation-related research and development.

The fruitful productivity from the various academic and research activities during the past three years has publicized its reputation and acknowledgement to the public.  We have received positive feedback and some of our research results have grasped attentions and were taken into consideration by the key policy makers. 

We are proud of our first-step achievement, but recognize that we still have much to do. A range of critical issues in transportation is still a challenging pace and hence a driving force of our works. To achieve this, we need to expand a collaborative network among its members to the prospect researchers and scholars throughout Asian countries. The research and innovation technological development is at the heart of Transport challenges. ATRANS has therefore created transport research center that provides funding opportunity to its members and research outputs to public on sustainable transport and mobility solutions and the likes. 

As the new ATRANS chairperson, it is my determination to pursue ATRANS’ objectives and goals. Last year, ATRANS has issued its first yearly journal which is available on line via its website and in a hard copy form. And I am proud to announce that this year another issue is on the way. I wish to encourage ATRANS members, students and the readers to submit your fine piece of research outputs to ATRANS Research: Journal Asian Transportation Research Society.  To this end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you the members and those who have works behind ATRANS’ success for being part of us and I wish to have a strong support from all of you again and again.

Rapin Charutula
ATRANS Chairperson

Editor-in-Chief’s message

Welcome to ATRANS Research, Journal of Asian Transportation Research Society. This journal is initiated
with efforts and supports from academic, scientists, transport engineers and transportation-related

As the Editor-in-Chief of ATRANS Research, Journal of Asian Transportation Research Society, it is my
pleasure to present you with the new issue. This first issue of ATRANS Journal deals mainly with the
transport research challenges in developing countries. The journal will be published yearly by ATRANS. All
papers are peer reviewed by at least two reviewers and the editorial board, formed by an international group of experts on transportation-related research.

Transportation is an essential and integral part of our mobile society. It bridges the gap between social
exclusion and mobility which entails an equal accessibility and mutual interaction to all mankind.
Transportation development has significant influence upon not only daily living and lifestyle but also social
culture, human behavior and environment.

Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS), found on 1st April 2008, is a total non-profitable research institution in cooperation with the International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences (IATSS), Japan.ATRANS’ principal mission is to promote research activities and provide research funds for Asian academics and young researchers on conducting empirical and pragmatic research approaches regardless of transportation related problems, traffic safety, energy and environment in multidisciplinary manner.

I hope that ATRANS Journal will bring the up-to-date scientific knowledge in transportation research and
practice. I also hope that the journal will become an important means of promotion and transferring the
transport achievements and experiences in Asia and beyond.

Wiroj Rujopakarn, Prof. Dr.Ing.
Vice Chairperson and Editor in chief
Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS)

Secretary – General’s message

It is my strong intention to address this message to students, faculty members, researchers, engineers and readers for the launch of the new source of gathering quality research papers from authors around the globe.

I am delighted to have created this new journal – ATRANS Research – Journal of Asian Transportation Research Society. The key focus is the emerging sectors and research which discusses application and usability in societal context whether individuals or organizations.

This first issue has been carefully put together covering a range of transportation and technologies in the domain of theoretical and practical applications. I thank the authors for their contribution and wish to encourage all of you to use the ATRANS Research as a tool for sharing thoughts, opinions, collaborative research projects and articles that may be of interest for our members/viewers/readers/authors and help us in our common effort to expand knowledge for transportation-related research and development.

The Journal is advised by an international Editorial Board of experts across a range of multidiscipline. We are welcoming papers from respected authors wishing to publish within the areas of experimental and analytical studies of Transportation-related research and technology. So, if you are faculty member, please encourage your students and post-docs or research fellows to submit their quality papers to ATRANS Research. If you are a student or postdoctoral fellow or research fellow, I wish to encourage you to be a trailblazer and submit your best efforts to ATRANS Research.

I would like to thank all the editorial committees. We have had an overwhelming response from very eminent editors and researchers globally to support as editorial team. Special thanks to the reviewers whose reviews have helped in making this journal possible. I hope that the research featured here sets up many new milestones. I also hope that our ATRANS Research: Journal of Asian Transportation Research Society will expand in the future and we will be able to accommodate the steady influx of manuscripts assuring progress, high quality and glorious success.

Tuenjai Fukuda, Dr. Eng.
Secretary - General
Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS)
December 2009


ISSN 1906 – 7461

Journal of Asian Transportation Research Society

Volume 2, Issue 1, 2010

 Download Research   PDF 


ISSN 1906 – 7461

Journal of Asian Transportation Research Society

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2009

 Download Research   PDF