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Invitation and Call for Paper

17th ATRANS Annual Conference:Young Researcher's Forum 2024

Call for Paper

Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS) is pleased to announce the CALL FOR PAPERS for 17th ATRANS Annual Conference: Young Researcher’s Forum (AYRF) 2024.

ATRANS, a non - profitable research society organizes the 17th ATRANS Annual Conference on 30 August 2024 at the Chatrium Grand Hotel Bangkok. In the conference, there is a sub-session so called “ATRANS Young Researcher’s Forum (AYRF).” The aim of AYRF 2024 is to provide an opportunity for young researchers and scholars as well as students who are in need of submitting their research papers to an international conference for peer-review.” The paper/manuscript must not have been published or submitted elsewhere for publication consideration. Deadline for paper submission is on 20 July 2024.

Prospect authors are invited to submit papers (related to transportation topic given) for making presentation at the Young Researcher’s Forum 2024 which will be taken place on 30 August 2024 at the Chatrium Grand Bangkok Hotel.

Important Dates / Timeline

Open for Call for papers Timeline
Deadline for full paper submission 20 July 2024
Peer review process 21-30 July 2024
Notify peer review results 31 July 2024
Deadline for submission of revised paper 15 August 2024
Deadline for submitting PPT slide file (in both PPT and PDF formats)
and author registration
20 August 2024
17th ATRANS Annual Conference 30 August 2024
AYRF 2024 Paper Presentation Sessions 30 August 2024

Topics of Interest for Submission Include, but are not restricted to:

Authors are encouraged to submit a full paper/manuscript on topics relevant to transportation including but not limited to:

(1) Resilient & Sustainable Urban Transportation
(2) Public transportation and connectivity
(3) Road Traffic Safety
(4) Technology in Transportation including Smart Mobility, ITS, EV, and autonomous vehicle
(5) Digital Transformation in transportation and logistics
(6) Energy and Environment in Transport Sector, e.g., decarbonization
(7) Other, e.g., transportation for vulnerable road users, etc.
(***Remark: When submitting your manuscript/full paper please make sure that you include the topic number listed above in your manuscript/full paper submission form.)

Instruction for preparation of full paper/ manuscript

For full paper / manuscript submissions, please follow guidelines provided below:

(1) Abstract guideline and format

: Title of the abstract paper
: Topic number (as indicated in the call for paper)
: Paper identification number (will be assigned after an abstract acceptance)
: Authors’ names, Affiliations, contact addresses and e-mail
: Abstract (those authors who submit a Thai abstract/manuscript are required to include an English abstract as well); and
: Keywords (3 to 5 words)

(2) Full paper or Manuscript guideline and format

For more details, please see the INSTRUCTION FOR PREPARATION OF MANUSCRIPTS (Word / PDF) and PAPER SUBMISSION FORM (Word / PDF) attached. You can also download them from www.atransociety.com.

Manuscript / full paper Submission

As part of the paper/manuscript submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines as follows:

(1) The manuscript must not have been published or submitted elsewhere for publication consideration. (A brief explanation will be necessary to clarify this matter.)
(2) The articles must fall within the aims and scope of the proceedings, that is, land transportation-related issue, such as transport and city planning, road infrastructure, sustainability, safety, public transport, logistics, technology, digitization, energy, and environment, and economics.

Interested authors, please submit your full paper/manuscript by 20 July 2024 via e-mail to papers.atransyrf@gmail.com. Paper submission form and Instruction for Preparation of paper/manuscript are attached together with this call for papers. Or you can download the files from www.atransociety.com.

Full papers will be reviewed, and only the selected papers will be published in the Proceedings of ATRANS Young Researcher’s Forum 2024.

Contribution for Paper Presentations

Please be noted that AYRF 2024 session will be conducted on-site. Once the papers get accepted, the authors must revise their papers as comments/recommended and follow the guideline of contribution for paper presentation accordingly, see Table below.

On-site presentation
1. Presentation slides :Authors should submit a power-point presentation file in both PPT format and pdf format to ATRANS Secretariat by 20 August via email at For more information and inquiries, please contact ATRANS secretariat at secretariat@atransociety.com and cc: to atran.s.ecretariat@gmail.compapers.atransyrf@gmail.com

2. PPT Template: There is an AYRF 2024 template provided for presentations and authors can adopt the one of their preferences. The recommended number of slides should be no more than 10 pages. If the author decides to include clip & sound files in the presentation, they should be embedded into the presentation file.
3. Length of PPT presentation: The recommended length for power-point presentations must be no more than 8 minutes.
4. Schedule & Program: A presenter of the accepted paper will be assigned time slot for their presentation and will inform a presenter via email or on ATRANS website by 20 August 2024.
5. Live Stream via ATRANS Facebook: Be note that ATRANS will do live stream via ATRANS Facebook.

Best Paper and Presentation Award

(1) The committee will do double-blinded review and selected the 3 (three) best papers among the accepted papers for first step pre-awarding process.
(2) The authors of the accepted papers must make a presentation at 17th ATRANS Annual Conference: Young Researcher’s Forum 2024 session on 30 August 2024 for final decisive awarding process.
(3) A prize of THB 8,000 (8,000X3=THB24,000) will be awarded to the Best Paper and Presentation Award respectively. A paper is eligible for the Best Paper and Presentation Award if the first and corresponding author of the accepted paper is the same person at the time of full paper/manuscript submission.
(4) The awards will be announced and bestowed at the 17th ATRANS Annual Conference Closing Session.

Funding assistance

Only the authors of the accepted papers (from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Vietnam) can request a financial support for making presentation at the 17th ATRANS Annual Conference: Young Researchers’ Forum (AYRF) 2024.


Authors and co-authors of the accepted papers please do register online by 20 August 2024. The link to online registration will be sent to you on the date of receiving your revised paper (20 August 2024).

For more information and inquiries, please contact ATRANS secretariat at secretariat@atransociety.com and cc: to atran.s.ecretariat@gmail.com

Our Gratitude to

Mr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith

On behalf of Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS), we wish to express our sincere congratulations to Mr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, a Councilor of The Council of State, Former Finance Minister, Former Transport Minister, and Former NESDB Secretary-General for the entitlement of “The Srisaket‘s Statesperson” given by Srisaket Cultural Council and Private Sector and Associates in Srisaket Province.

His Excellency Arkhom has dedicated his life as a civil servant developed a series of directorships in Thailand’s economic think-tank including infrastructure planning, worked with ASEAN Countries to implement physical connectivity, led the country’s policy to shift towards rail development, launched intercity rail system and high speed rail projects, and revitalized Thailand’s economy after the COVID-19 pandemic in provision of the financial support schemes for low-income households, tax reductions, among others at NESDB, MOT, and MOF. His excellency also plays an outstanding role in contributing knowledge and experiences to his hometown at Sri-Sa-Ket Province. Hence, we wish to congratulate His Excellency Arkhom once again for this honorable entitlement.


ATRANS Portfolio Section


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distance, the ATRANS Social Media Project was established in 2021 to communicate, educate, and create knowledge for young people about road safety for both drivers and pedestrians by using social media platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Clubhouse, or Twitter to gather information on how to drive or walk for each individual to be safe for themselves and the public, and research driving behavior on the road. The first phase was led by Asst. Prof. Dr. Varameth Vichiensan, and the initiative received positive feedback. Asst. Prof. Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop was the project leader for Phase Two.






ATRANS Hiyari Map App

ATRANS Hiyari Map App is a road safety application designed to introduce and educate people about the difference between a risk spot and a dangerous spot on the road, as well as to encourage everyone to share those spots near their homes or anywhere by pinning them on the app's map.

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ATRANS Metaverse was created to promote the 14th ATRANS Annual Conference in 2021.

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